๐ŸŽ†07 Jan 24 - 21 Jan 24

Media Screening Innovations

Our new media screening process now examines uploaded content and records key data in our database. This enables us to customize platform availability based on the media chosen by users. User

Experience & Interface Upgrades

We've completely revamped our onboarding process for a more fluid user journey. Solid input validations are in place (gif search bar being the exception) along with the addition of necessary controllers and services in NodeJS for future scaling. New loaders have been added across the application for different assets that need to be loaded, added features like EditDocumentCollection and EditMediaCollection, not to mention a gif selector for posts.

Routine Maintenance and Continuous Development

Beyond these key updates, we've been busy ironing out small glitches and adding various minor but impactful enhancements and fixes. These efforts are critical to keeping our application working as expected as well as user-friendly.

  • Minor additions and fixes on PurchasePlan and Onboarding.

  • Started implementing a tour of the app for initially guiding users.

  • Started planning and implementing scalable analytics collection for both user socials and individual posts.

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