๐Ÿงจ06 Nov 23 - 12 Nov 23

Key Highlights

  • Introduction of a new API for centralized rate management.

  • Successful cloud deployment on Linode with encouraging initial results.

  • Python backend now features enhanced capabilities with two active workers.

  • Simplification of the entire stack deployment process.

Technical Updates

  • API for Rate Management: Introduced a new API specifically for rate management, making it accessible to all workers for better management of external API interactions.

  • Cloud Deployment: Successfully deployed our updated infrastructure on Linode, showcasing promising initial performance.

  • Enhanced Backend Capabilities: Our Python backend is now more powerful, operational with two workers, indicating an increase in processing capabilities.

  • Simplified Deployment: Streamlined the deployment process for our entire stack, now achievable with a single command: 'docker-compose up -d'.


  • Ongoing Optimization: We will continue to optimize and refine our system, focusing on Docker integration and cloud deployment efficiencies.

  • Scalability and Expansion: Plans are in place to further scale the backend and integrate additional features to meet growing demands.

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