๐ŸŽƒ30 Oct 23 - 05 Nov 23

Key Highlights

  • Major upgrade to the Python backend for better flexibility and efficiency.

  • Enhanced connection management for more stable API and worker operations.

  • Integration of Docker for improved service management and dependency handling.

  • Implementation of Docker Compose for efficient service orchestration.

Technical Updates

  • Backend Revamp: Our Python backend has been significantly upgraded, improving its performance and adaptability across different environments.

  • Connection Management: We have established a more robust connection system, enhancing the stability and efficiency of our API and worker operations.

  • Docker Integration: Developed dedicated Docker files for each service, ensuring effective management of environments and dependencies.

  • Service Orchestration: Implemented a Docker Compose file, streamlining the startup and management of all our services.


  • The team is highly enthusiastic about the recent advancements and the smooth integration of new features. There is a sense of accomplishment in enhancing the system's efficiency and a collective eagerness to continue this trajectory.


  • Continuous Monitoring: We will maintain vigilant monitoring of the system's performance post-deployment to promptly address any issues.

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